We help you to pack your business into a profitable franchise in 21 days
[ We know how to scale business ]
For more than 5 years we have been helping companies to increase their annual profit several times
Turnkey franchise packaging for 21 days
Potential earnings
• from 5% monthly royalty
• from $10,000 lumpsum payment
Why us?
We package your business into a franchise, and then we help you sell it
Experience working with more than 50 niches
International company with offices in New York, Dubai, Almaty
We will bring 20 potential clients and more during the 1st month of work
Most likely,
You have wondered:
  • Is your company ready to scale?
  • Will the franchise make a profit?
  • What kind of profit can you expect at all?
We are ready to answer your questions!
Our Clients
Our clients are companies ready to scale their business
For 5 years of work, 230+ clients from 50+ niches have contacted us
You can always get acquainted with our cases
What is included in the franchise package?
We will pack your product in a cool and reliable way, and then we will give you all the tools for a successful sale!
Leave a request and see what your franchise will look like!
Our contacts
We will answer all your questions
12 East 49th Street New York, NY 10017
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